Best Websites – Virtual Genealogical Association – An Interview with Jeanette Sheliga

By Family Tree Editors

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In this episode of Best Websites, we hear from Virtual Genealogical Association president Jeanette Sheliga about the Virtual Genealogical Association (VGA), its monthly programs and special interest groups and the benefits that come with getting involved with a virtual community devoted to genealogy.

Best Genealogy Websites: Virtual Genealogical Association (VGA) (00:35)

Even if you belong to a genealogy society in your local area, there’s a lot to gain from also going virtual for more genealogical education and camaraderie. That’s where this month’s best website comes in, the Virtual Genealogical Association (VGA). Here to tell us all about it is the president, Jeanette Sheliga.

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Virtual Genealogical Association (VGA)

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