An Easy Project to Preserve Cherished Family Recipes

By Family Tree Editors

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Family recipe cards

Share Grandma’s most famous foods with a collection of recipe cards, complete with butter stains. This easy project is a great gift for cooks or anyone who loves good cooking.


  • written or typed family recipes
  • photos related to the recipes (optional)
  • computer with word processor and printer
  • white cardstock
  • self-adhesive laminating sheets
  • hole punch
  • metal key ring or ribbon

1. Scan each recipe, front and back, with a flatbed scanner set at 300 dpi and full color. Alternatively, photograph the card with your digital camera or smartphone.

2. Open a new document in your word processor. Under 3 Format > Document, set the margins to 3 inches at the top
and bottom, and 1⁄4 inch at each side.

3. Insert the digitized recipe and related photo (if using) by going to Insert > Photo > Picture From File. Adjust the size of each image and arrange them to fit the document. If the original recipe was double-sided, place the image of the back of the card on the second page of your document.

Using Microsoft Word to create family recipe cards.

4. Print the design on cardstock. If the original recipe is double-sided, choose double-sided printing (this varies with the printer). Cut the card to 51⁄2×81⁄2 inches.

5. Laminate cards. Punch a hole in the corner of each and assemble into a book with a key ring or ribbon.

This is one of the many easy and fun projects featured in the book, Best Family History Projects.

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