Your Weekly Dose of Genealogy Fun

By RachelF

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Need to add some genealogy fun to your weekend? Not to worry! Rachel and Andrew have gathered together our favorite finds from across the internet. From lost films to picnics in cemeteries, we’ve got your weekly dose of genealogical and historical fun stuff!



Here’s what we’re loving:

Old technicolor film strip

1. Technicolor film strips

The folks at The History Blog posted a write-up on a cache of old technicolor film strips discovered by the British Film Institute.


Images of New York in 1911

2. Footage of NYC in 1911

Super-slick art and design blog Colossal featured a collection of videos that depict life in early 20th century New York, edited to match today’s video standards. The clips were slowed down and sound was added to present the city in 1911 as if it were captured with our modern technology.



Death In Ice Valley podcast cover image

3. Death In Ice Valley podcast

The BBC and Norwegian broadcasters NRK have launched a podcast that revisits a nearly 50-year-old mystery. “Death In Ice Valley” uses traditional research methods and modern techniques like DNA testing to investigate the mysterious death of an unidentified woman found in 1970 Norway. When we’re not listening to the Family Tree Podcast, this is our favorite!

Listeners can participate in the investigation by joining the Death In Ice Valley Facebook Group.


Old radio programs website image

4. Old Radio Programs

Old Radio Programs offers a wide variety of vintage radio programs to listeners for free. The extensive list of categories includes detective shows, music and variety, old cartoons and news coverage.



Family having a picnic in a cemetery

5. Picnicking in cemeteries

Atlas Obscura, an online publication focused on historical oddities, published an article on the practice of Americans picnicking in cemeteries.


Portrait of a grave gardener

5. Interview with a grave gardener

From the Order of the Good Death blog; a woman interviews her mother about her career as a grave gardener and how tending the landscapes in cemeteries helped her cultivate a healthy relationship with death.

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