Tips to scrapbook mementos

By Patti Swoboda Premium

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As you research your lineage, the flat facts about your ancestors gain depth and feeling. With simple tricks such as these, you can add dimension to your scrapbook pages, too.

  • Include sentimental memorabilia, such as Grandfather’s war medal or Grandma’s hand-stitched handkerchief on a page with that ancestor’s photo and journaling. Use a good scan or photograph of the item, place it in a Mylar sleeve, or secure the memento with a few stitches. Just don’t glue it on!
  • Use “bulky” background paper. You can buy paper with the realistic texture and look of wood, leather, suede and more. Try embossed paper or fibrous handmade papers. Or texture ordinary paper yourself: Crumple and then unfold it, or run in through a paper crimper for a corduroy look.
  • Place foam tape under an embellishment to add height. Be generous with the tape to support all the tiny parts of an embellishment.
  • Employ techniques such as paper folding, overlapping elements and collage. Remember to avoid adhering overlapped items onto an irreplaceable photograph, though.