Oklahoma History and Research Overview

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Oklahoma genealogy research resources


Oklahoma has the distinction of being the only state that was originally two separate territories. The land that became Oklahoma was among the acres Thomas Jefferson acquired in the Louisiana Purchase, though the panhandle was still under Spanish control in 1803. Oklahoma was then part of Missouri Territory in 1812 and Arkansas Territory in 1819.

In 1830, the western part of the Louisiana Purchase, which included Arkansas Territory, was set aside as Indian Territory. There, the Indian Removal Act resulted in the resettlement of many Native Americans from the south and southeast, with the promise that it would be their home. Of course, after the Civil War, partly in response to the Five Civilized Tribes’ support of the Confederacy, the treaties were renegotiated, and approximately 2 million acres were designated as “Unassigned Lands.” In 1889, the federal government purchased these lands from the Native Americans and opened them up for white settlement, the birth of Oklahoma Territory. From 1890 to 1906, Oklahoma Territory began to absorb a number of reservations and other Native American lands, and in 1907, the “twin territories” were combined to form the new state of Oklahoma.

Though the “Unassigned Lands” were not open for white settlement until 1889, many whites settled in Indian Territory from 1865 to 1889, using loopholes in the law that allowed artisans and professionals to contract with the Native Americans for labor.

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Oklahoma genealogy research resources


  • Your white ancestors may have been in Indian Territory during the 1900 census. Examine records for both of the “twin territories.”
  • When researching Native American ancestry, consult the Indian Archives Division of the Oklahoma Historical Society, 2100 N. Lincoln Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK 73105, Knowing the tribe is the first step.
  • The Dawes Rolls Database-Final Rolls of Cherokee tribe members is searchable online at You can get the necessary identifying information to find the enrollment cards (from the National Archives or the subscription website Footnote), which will then take you to census and other records.


  • Federal census: 1860 (with Arkansas), 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930
  • Special census of Civil War Union veterans and widows: 1890
  • Territorial census: 1890 (Unassigned lands, not Indian territory)


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