Genealogy Independent Research Courses

Learn the tools, resources and techniques for researching your family history
at your own pace, in these independent genealogy research courses!

Trace Your Roots: A Beginner's Guide to Genealogy

Independent Study

independent genealogy study

Learn how to trace your family history and find your ancestors with this introduction to genealogy research.
You will learn where to begin your search as well as set realistic, achievable goals. Along the way, you’ll discover key strategies for recording your research and keeping track of the results.


Beginner Genealogy Workshop Collection

Independent Study

independent genealogy studyThis collection of independent studies will get new genealogists on the right track and help them avoid many of the obstacles and mistakes people make when they start researching their family trees.
A perfect starting point for new or aspiring family tree researchers!


Using US Census Records

Independent Study

independent genealogy

Learn how to search and analyze census records in your genealogy research. US Censuses were taken every ten years and contain much useful information. You will learn the basics of searching the census online, as well as what censuses are available, what information you can find in them, and how to apply them to your family search.