German Genealogy Websites, Books and Archives

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  • Address Book for Germanic Genealogy by Ernest Thode (Genealogical Publishing Co.)
  • Americans from Germany: A Study in Cultural Diversity by Robert H. Billigmeier (Wadsworth)
  • Ancestors in German Archives by Saskia Schier Bunting, Mirjam J. Kirkham, Nathan S. Rives and Raymond S. Wright (Genealogical Publishing Co.)
  • The Atlantic Bridge to Germany by Charles M. Hall (Everton Publishers)
  • Beginner’s Guide to Germanic Genealogy by Lois Hemmeter Edwards (Germanic Genealogy Society)
  • Dictionary of German Names by Hans Bahlow, translated by Edda Gentry (University of Wisconsin Press)
  • Eighteenth Century Register of Emigrants from Southwest Germany to America and Other Countries by Werner Hacker (Closson Press)
  • Finding Your German Ancestors: A Practical Guide for Genealogists by John T. Humphrey (Pennsylvania Genealogy Books)
  • A Genealogist’s Guide to Discovering Your Germanic Ancestors by S. Chris Anderson and Ernest Thode (Betterway Books)
  • The German-Americans by La Vern J. Rippley (University Press of America)
  • Germanic Genealogy: A Guide to Worldwide Sources and Migration Patterns by Edward R. Brandt (Germanic Genealogy Society)
  • German American Names by George F. Jones (Genealogical Publishing Co.)
  • German-English Genealogical Dictionary by Ernest Thode (Genealogical Publishing Co.)
  • Germany and the Emigration, 1816-1885 by Mack Walker (Harvard University Press)
  • Guide to German Historical Sources in North American Libraries and Archives by Anne Hope and Joerg Nagler (available from German Historical Institute)
  • Historische Lexikon der Deutschen Länder: die Deutschen Territorien vom Mittelalter bis zur Gegenwart, seventh edition by Gerhard Koebler (C.H. Beck)
  • How to Read & Understand Meyers Orts- by Wendy K. Uncapher(Origins)
  • If I Can, You Can: Decipher Germanic Records by Edna M. Bentz (from
  • In Search of Your German Roots: A Complete Guide to Tracing Your Ancestors in the Germanic Areas of Europe by Angus Baxter (Genealogical Publishing Co.)
  • Lands of the German Empire and Before by Wendy K. Uncapher (Origins)
  • Westerwald to America: Some 18th Century German Immigrants by Henry Z. Jones Jr. and Annette Kunselman Burgert (Picton Press)
  • Wuerttemberg Emigration Index CD by Trudy Schenk, Ruth Froelke and Inge Bork (Ancestry)

Organizations and Archives

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