Professional Genealogy Organizations

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If you’d like to hire a genealogy professional, become one yourself, or just learn the kinds of skills that professional genealogists have, the organizations below can help you take your research to the next level.

Association of Professional Genealogists

As its name implies, this organization supports professional genealogists—as well as amateurs interested in going pro. Here, you’ll find a database of professional genealogists that you can search by name, area of expertise, and credentials.

Board for Certification of Genealogists

In some ways, BCG sets the pace for the whole genealogy community. Its code of ethics and published Genealogy Standards are referenced by researchers from all over. BCG confers the Certified Genealogist (CG) and Certified Genealoical Lecturer (CGL) credentials. Whether or not you apply for certification, check out the Learning Center for helpful resources and professional-grade advice.

Cyndi’s List: Professionals

For decades, Cyndi Ingle has maintained a massive database of websites and other online resources for a variety of genealogy topics. This landing page has directories of websites useful for becoming a professional genealogist as well as for hiring a professional.

Federation of Genealogical Societies

FGS serves as an umbrella organization to more than 500 member societies in the United States and Canada. Members include genealogical societies, family associations and historical societies. FGS publishes excellent resource materials for societies to aid in management and membership strategies. Note: FGS is scheduled to merge with the National Genealogical Society (see below) in October 2020.

International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists

Like BCG, this organization (abbreviated “ICAPGen”) offers professional genealogy credentials: Accredited Genealogist (AG). (As the name implies, the organization has a more international focus than BCG.) Learn about the extensive process for earning the AG credential, or search the organization’s database of AG professionals.

National Genealogical Society

NGS is one of the leading organizations in providing education to the genealogy community, boasting an impressive Learning Center, an annual conference, and online course tracks. And by becoming a member, you can tap into even more educational resources: NGS Quarterly journal, the quarterly NGS Magazine, and the NGS Monthly email. Note: NGS is scheduled to merge with FGS (see above) in October 2020.


This service provides you with affordable professional genealogical guidance. To begin, you’ll just need to answer some questions about your goals. Then, Trace will match you with a genealogy professional with expertise in your area of study. Learn more at Trace’s FAQ page.

A version of this article appeared in the August 2002 issue of Family Tree Magazine. Last updated, July 2020.

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