Exploring Grandma’s Attic “Artifact” Scavenger Hunt

By Courtney Henderson

At first glance, you might think your grandparents’ attic or basement is full of old junk. But grownups keep lots of interesting stuff in those places—including papers and “artifacts” with clues to your family history.

Give yourself one point for every artifact you collect. Five bonus points if you get Grandma or Grandpa to help you with your hunting!

  • birth certificate
  • baby book
  • family Bible
  • obituary
  • newspaper clipping about a relative
  • wedding pictures or guest book
  • picture of your mom or dad as a kid
  • picture of Grandma or Grandpa as a kid
  • school project by your parent or an aunt or uncle
  • military uniform or discharge papers
  • christening gown or baby outfit
  • funeral card
  • old postcards
  • letters your relatives wrote to each other
  • yearbook
  • citizenship papers
  • scrapbook
  • quilt, needlework or clothing a relative made
  • an old-fashioned toy
  • a special piece of jewelry


15–20 points: Super Detective
8–15 points: Hot on the Trail
1–7 points: Keep Looking