Tracing Hard-to-Find Ancestors: Episode 96

By Family Tree Editors

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Get genealogy tips for researching those hard-to-find ancestors: using newspaper archives, finding missing people in the census and more.

Ep. 96: May 2016

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In this episode:

News from the Blogosphere with Diane Haddad

Diane discusses the “in person” factor that occurs at conferences and can boost your research.

Top Tips: Hiding in the Census

In the Top Tips segment Lisa invites David Fryxell back to the show to provide tips on how to find ancestors that seem to be hiding in the census, from his article “Hiding in the Census” which appears in the May / June 2016 issue.

Best Websites:

Newspapers can offer genealogical information sometimes found nowhere else. Author and genealogist James Beidler discusses searching digitized newspapers at

Family Tree University Crash Course

Genealogy research isn’t just about finding records of your ancestor’s existence or building a pretty family tree. Family Tree University Dean Vanessa Wieland discusses what we can learn from the records we find, and how can we use that information to understand our past.

The Publisher’s Desk with Allison Dolan

Allison’s top three tips for outwitting elusive ancestors:

  • Researching the elusive ancestors sideways – siblings, cousins, coworkers, neighbors, etc.
  • Making a timeline. Allison likes using Excel to create timelines that can expose gaps in her research.
  • Putting the problem aside and taking a break! Come back with fresh eyes.

Your Host: Lisa Louise Cooke

Lisa Louise Cooke

Listen to Lisa Louise Cooke’s Genealogy Gems and Genealogy: Family History Made Easy podcasts in iTunes and visit her website for great research ideas, podcast episodes and videos.

Have fun climbing your family tree!