Researching Ancestors Among the Five Tribes — An Interview with Judy Muhn

By Family Tree Editors

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Portrait of an indigenous family.

In this episode, genealogist and author Judy Nimer Muhn discusses how to research ancestors who who belonged to one of the United States’ five largest indigenous tribes today: Navajo, Cherokee, Sioux, Chippewa and Choctaw. Plus, Diahan Southard is back to shed some light on DNA Painter and what third-party DNA tools can tell you about your genetic ancestry.

Ep. 155: November 2021

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In this episode:

Tree Talk (01:20)

Too often genealogists forget that their story IS family history! Social Media Editor Rachel Christian asked readers “Do you keep a journal? Do you include yourself in family history writing projects? How do you document your life and experiences for future generations?” In this episode she shares some of the great ideas these questions generated. Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

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Remember, your own history will eventually become family history! Record these 16 things about yourself to preserve your life story for future genealogists.

Featured Interview: The Five Tribes (05:21)

Many people have family stories of Native American heritage in their family tree. But how can you be sure? Author Judy Nimer Muhn is here to share tips for helping you find your ancestors who belonged to the United States’ five largest indigenous tribes.

Does your family lore contain tales of Native ancestors? These tips will help you find your ancestors who belonged to one of the United States’ five largest indigenous tribes today: Navajo, Cherokee, Sioux, Chippewa and Choctaw.
Judy Muhn
Judy Muhn

DNA Deconstructed: What is a DNA Painter? (24:28)

Your DNA Guide Diahan Southard joins Lisa to discuss third-party DNA tools are, as well as answering common questions about DNA Painter.

What is DNA painter? Do you need this third-party tool to make the most of your DNA results? Our expert weighs in.
Diahan Southard
Diahan Southard

Best Genealogy Websites: The 75 Best Websites for Genealogy (29:30)

We’re exploring some of the best genealogy websites for state research with Rick Crume, author of Family Tree Magazine’s new 75 Best State Websites for Genealogy list.

Websites featured in this interview:

Take the time to explore every one of these websites that covers a state (or territory) where your ancestors lived.
Rick Crume
Rick Crume

Editor’s Desk (39:40)

Whether you want to learn more about using FamilySearch, land records, or historical newspapers, Amanda Epperson has some great Family Tree University courses to tell you about that can help.

Family Tree University:

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Amanda Epperson
Amanda Epperson

Your Host: Lisa Louise Cooke

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Have fun climbing your family tree!

Lisa Louise Cooke
Lisa Louise Cooke