Navigating the 1931 Census of Canada – An Interview with Kathryn Lake Hogan

By Family Tree Editors

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In this episode, Kathryn Lake Hogan tells us what we can find in the highly anticipated 1931 Census of Canada and offers some strategies for searching it efficiently. Plus, learn how to plan a memorable family reunion this summer with Shamele Jordon.

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Tree Talk (01:38)

Family Tree Magazine New Media editor Rachel Christian covers the latest genealogy news.

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Feature: The 1931 Canadian Census (03:58)

The long-awaited 1931 census of Canada is finally here. It was made public by the Library Archives Canada on June 1, 2023. Professional genealogist Kathryn Lake Hogan explains what you’ll discover and how to find it in this new online record collection.

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This guide will show you what questions were asked in the 1931 Census of Canada and how to find records of your family online.

Library Archives Canada

Kathryn Lake Hogan’s Website

Family History Home: Tips for Hosting a Family Reunion (18:23)

Summer is family reunion season and it’s just around the corner. Shamele Jordon has helped many family historians organize successful events through her webinars for family Tree Magazine. In this episode, she shares creative ideas and great resources to help you with your next reunion.

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Family Reunion Institute

Genealogy Quick Start

Editor’s Desk (29:21)

Magazine editor Andrew Koch gives us an insider preview of the July/August issue of Family Tree Magazine.  

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