How to Get Print Copies of Genealogy Articles

By Sunny Jane Morton Premium

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Maybe you spotted it in a friend’s magazine or read it in an online journal. Whatever the reason, we all have encountered articles that we would love to have a print copy of. Here are five quick and easy steps to ordering genealogy articles.

  1. Through the Periodical Source Index (PERSI) at Findmypast (see page 70) or your other research, identify articles of interest to your research in genealogy newsletters, magazines and journals. You’ll need at least the article title, periodical title, and volume and issue numbers.
  2. Download the request form from the website of the Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center, where the staff catalogs articles in periodicals the library receives. Look under Services, and select Article Fulfillment Form. Print the PDF form.
  3. Clearly print your name and mailing address.
  4. Supply the requested information for up to six periodical articles. If you used the PERSI index search on Findmypast, you can enter the publication’s PERSI code.
  5. Mail completed form along with a check for $7.50 (which covers up to six articles), payable to the Allen County Public Library Foundation (ACPLF), to the address shown on the form. You’ll receive the article copies in six to eight weeks, along with an additional bill for photocopies, at 20 cents per page.

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