What to Bring on Genealogy Trips

By Diane Haddad Premium

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It happens every time: You head downtown or out of town for a research trip, a family reunion, or a pleasant jaunt to your ancestors’ overgrown graveyard—and you forget some absolute research necessity. Directions to the library. Your recorder for that oral history interview. A pen.

This is the year things change. Before you pack your bags, consult our recommendations and make your own list—click here to download a research trip packing list form that we’ve already started for you. Then check off each item as it goes into your bag. Never again will you spend more time locating the library than you do researching your family once you get there.

Get more advice for genealogy research at libraries, courthouses and other repositories in our Genealogist’s Research Trip Planner ebook.
From the July 2007 Family Tree Magazine