MyHeritage’s DNA Quest Reunites Family in New Zealand

By Sunny Jane Morton

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A DNA Quest reunion brought a family back together.
MyHeritage’s DNA Quest project reunited Terry Smith (right) with his birth father (center) and half-sister (left).

Two New Zealanders who lived just miles apart were in for a surprise when they took a MyHeritage DNA test. Thanks to MyHeritage, two half-siblings met for the first time in a touching DNA Quest reunion.

Looking for answers

Terry Smith, 51, of Whakatane, New Zealand, never knew his birth father. Terry wanted to find him, but his mother wouldn’t share the father’s identity. So he took matters into his own hands, and uploaded his DNA test results to MyHeritage.

Several months later, Susan Butler, 52, who lived about an hour from Terry in New Zealand, applied to participate in DNA Quest. The project, which MyHeritage announced earlier this year, is a pro bono initiative that aims to reunite birth families separated by adoption and other circumstances. Susan already knew her birth parents, but she thought she might have some half-siblings out there somewhere.

An emotional reunion

When Susan received her results, she saw a very close match named Terry Smith. Susan shared Terry’s mother’s information with her father, who confirmed having been with her but not having known that a child resulted. Thus, Susan learned she had a half-brother; Terry learned the identity of his father and an unknown half-sister; and their father learned he had a son. Watch their emotional reunion below.

About DNA Quest

Thousands of adoptees and others separated from birth families have taken a MyHeritage DNA test as part of DNA Quest. The company even announced it would provide some DNA tests to help families separated at the US border. Applications to participate are currently closed, but you can find a waiting list at the DNA Quest website. You can also purchase your own MyHeritage DNA test on the company’s website.