Bernie Sanders and Larry David Find Out They’re Cousins

By Ashlee Peck Premium

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We recently shared that “Finding Your Roots” was preparing to air the premiere of their fourth season. The episode was broadcasted on PBS on October 3rd, and it certainly didn’t disappoint!

Bernie Sanders Larry David Related Cousins
Bernie Sanders appeared in an “SNL” skit with Larry David, Feb. 6, 2016. The two recently found out they’re related on the Season 4 premiere of “Finding Your Roots.” (NBC)

In the most recent presidential election, famous “Curb Your Enthusiasm” comedian Larry David teamed up multiple times with “Saturday Night Live” to take advantage of the strong physical resemblance and mutual mannerisms that he shares with candidate Bernie Sanders. In a skit called “Bern Your Enthusiasm”, David amazed viewers with his ability to take over Sander’s persona.

While the Doppelgängers were already aware that they shared some things in common, such as being from Brooklyn, neither ever suspected that they may actually be related. “Finding Your Roots” surprised David and Sanders separately, presenting them with a book that contained a picture of their famous relative.

“I hope it’s a good athlete,” David says before opening his book that contains the identity of his cousin. Upon seeing he is related to Sanders, he exclaimed “What the hell!”

Sanders had a very similar reaction to the revelation. “You’re kidding, oh my—,” said Sanders. “That is unbelievable.”

Larry David said that he would now refer to the senator as “Cousin Bernie.” Sanders, meanwhile, noted that the accuracy of David’s impressions had suggested a bond between the two.

“People say to me, they talk about Larry David, and I say: ‘He does a better Bernie Sanders than I do!” he said.

The shows host, Gates Jr.,  said that the fact that the two shared DNA was a shock. “They share identical DNA on chromosome 7, 9 and 11. That’s a lot,” said Gates. Men have 23 pairs of chromosomes; 22 of the pairs are identical. The amount of shared DNA suggests that David and Sanders are third or fourth cousins. “In retrospect, when you see all that DNA they share—my God, it’s a natural,” said Gates.