Frequently Asked Questions

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Thank you for your interest in Family Tree! Our Frequently Asked Questions are broken up into six sections:

  1. Questions About Family Tree Magazine and Yankee Publishing

Find answers to your questions about the past, present and future of Family Tree and our parent company, or if you have a question on how to partner with us for advertising or content licensing purposes.

  1. Questions About Family Tree’s Suite of Products and Services
    Go here for questions about everything Family Tree has to offer to help you achieve your genealogy goals, as well as specific questions about how Family Tree magazine and online subscriptions, and Family Tree University courses work.
  2. Questions About our Family Tree Shop
    Questions on how to make a purchase at our online store or how to follow up about your recent purchase (including shipping questions) are found here.
  3. Questions About Accessing Your Products, Services, Courses, and Webinars
    Trying to figure out where to go for your recent digital purchase or online course, or how to use a file you just downloaded? You’ll likely find the answer here.
  4. Questions About How to Get Involved With Our Family Tree Community
    Learn how to get involved with Family Tree as a community member or, if you’re a genealogy expert wanting to work with us, as a content contributor or a Family Tree University course instructor.
  5. Questions About Your New Account on Family Tree
    Trying to figure out how to log into your new account on You’ll find important information about your account access here.

Are you not finding what you’re looking for here? Feel free to contact us!