Overcoming Brick Walls in Your Irish Genealogy Research – An Interview with Eliza Watson

By Family Tree Editors

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In this episode of the Family Tree Magazine podcast, author and genealogist Eliza Watson provides some valuable tips for researchers looking to overcome obstacles in their Irish genealogy research.

Feature: Irish Genealogy Brick Walls

Eliza Watson is a USA Today best-selling author and genealogist. Her book is Genealogy Tips and Quips, and she has an article in the upcoming March / April 2024 issue of Family


Tree Magazine called May the Road Rise to Meet You.

Irish research strategies covered include:

  • Studying Irish Naming Patterns
  • Types of Records to Find
  • Connecting with Local Residents

Read 9 Ways to Break Down Irish Genealogy Brick Walls by Eliza Watson.


Guest: Eliza Watson

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Guest Host: Andrew Koch, Editor of Family Tree Magazine