Research Secrets from the Pros: Episode 113

By Family Tree Editors

Lisa investigates tips for breaking down brick walls, knowing when to hire an expert, and chats with the FTU Dean.

Ep. 113: October 2017

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In this episode:

News from the Blogosphere with Diane Haddad

Diane talks about her recent post on her favorite brick-wall-busting tips.

Top Tips

Author and instructor Lisa Alzo answers the question: “How do I know when it’s time to hire a genealogy expert?”

101 Best Websites

Author David Fryxell shares the best FREE genealogy websites of 2017.

Family Tree University Crash Course

The Dean of Family Tree University, Vanessa Weiland, shares 3 of the top tips she’s learned over the years from FTU instructors.

Your Host: Lisa Louise Cooke

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Have fun climbing your family tree!