Strategizing Your Italian Genealogy Research – Tips from an Article by Melanie D. Holtz

By Family Tree Editors

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In this episode, Lisa Louise Cooke reviews an article written by Melanie D. Holtz, which offers some excellent tips on Italian genealogy research. Also, learn how to read even the most challenging handwriting on your ancestors’ documents with the help of Colleen Stutz.

Tree Talk (00:53)

Family Tree Magazine New Media editor Rachel Christian covers the latest genealogy news.

Resources Mentioned in This Interview:

National Archives

Smithsonian – Spanish Heritage Month

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Feature: Italian Research (04:34)

Lisa shares strategies for Italian genealogy research from a Family Tree Magazine Premium article by Melanie D. Holtz called “Researching Your Italian Ancestors.”

Resources Mentioned in This Interview: – Includes information and statistics on municipalities, provinces and regions in Italy. Official site, zip code, number of inhabitants, banks, schools, pharmacies, maps, weather forecasts, useful links.

Use this comprehensive Italian genealogy guide to trace your ancestor’s journey, find Italian genealogy records and much more.

Family History Home: Deciphering Handwriting (13:33)

Getting correct information from a document requires being able to read it correctly. And that’s not always easy with handwritten documents. Handwriting expert Colleen Stutz share tips for making sure we’re interpreting what we read correctly.

Resources Mentioned in This Interview:

Editor’s Desk (25:13)

Digital Editor Melina Papadopoulos discusses heritage-focused research resources at the Family Tree Magazine website.

Resources Mentioned in This Interview:

Eastern European Heritage

French Heritage

Italian Heritage

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