Tips for Filipino Genealogy — An Interview with Todd Lucero Sales

By Family Tree Editors

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In this episode, professional genealogist Todd Lucero Sales offers some tips to those new to researching their Filipino heritage. Plus: learn how to streamline your genealogy research materials by knowing what to keep and what to toss and discover the capabilities of the genealogy software program RootsMagic.

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Ep. 164: August 2022

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In this episode:

Tree Talk (01:41)

Family Tree Magazine New Media editor Rachel Fountain joins Lisa to discuss the Chromosome Painter released by Ancestry.

Resources Mentioned in This Interview:

AncestryDNA – Chromosome Painter

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Feature: Filipino Genealogy (04:44)

Professional genealogist Todd Lucero Sales provides a beginner’s guide to Filipino genealogy research.

Build your Filipino family tree with this guide to key genealogy records and resources for researching in the Philippines.

Resources Mentioned in This Interview:

YouTube – The Filipino Genealogy Channel

Best Genealogy Websites (17:43)

We’re going a little outside the box to talk about one of the best genealogy software programs out there called RootsMagic, and it happens to have a great website too. RootsMagic CEO and Developer Bruce Buzbee stops by with the latest news on the new version of the program and the website.

Get RootsMagic at!

Resources Mentioned in This Interview:


RootsMagic Community

RootsMagic Wiki

YouTube – RootsMagic

Family History Home: What to Keep and What to Toss (32:57)

It doesn’t take long for genealogy materials to pile up when you’re actively researching. So, how do you decide what to keep and what to toss? Lisa Alzo explains what you should consider as you make these important decisions.

Read Lisa Alzo’s article Keep or Toss in the Sept / Oct 2022 issue of Family Tree Magazine.

Declutter your genealogy life with these three steps for determining what papers to keep and what to trash.
You don’t have to keep all the papers, photos and other “stuff” you inherited from Grandma’s attic. Our checklist will help you decide what to keep and toss.
Cutting your paper clutter will sharpen your focus on your family history. Get started with these 12 less-paper strategies and genealogy organization tips.

Editor’s Desk (42:37)

Magazine editor Andrew Koch gives us an insider preview of the September / October issue of Family Tree Magazine.  

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