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What’s Inside!

Highlights from this issue include:

  • Our annual list of the 101 Best Genealogy Websites, plus the 75 Best State Websites for US research
  • Top smartphone apps for scanning family photos and documents
  • Tips for using the FamilySearch Family Tree
  • A guide to applying the scientific method to DNA testing strategy
  • A FREE Polish Genealogy Cheat Sheet


Crown Jewels: By David A. Fryxell. These 101 Best Genealogy Websites will give your family history the royal treatment.

The Giving Tree: By Sunny Jane Morton. Tap into the resources of the massive FamilySearch Family Tree with these suggestions.

Identity Crisis: By Robyn N. Smith. You’ll need more than a name to prove that a person in a record is your ancestor. These tips (plus a case study) will help you overcome common pitfalls for establishing identity.

Smart Scanning: By Rick Crume. Some of today’s best scanners fit in the palm of your hand. Learn about the eight top smartphone scanning apps that can help you digitize family photos and documents.

Life Science: By Robert Stieglitz. Discover how to apply the scientific method to your genetic genealogy questions.


  • Research Guides: Montana and Vermont
  • Stories to Tell
  • Tech News
  • Lisa’s Picks
  • Source Spotlight: Military Service Records
  • Website Tutorial: Historypin
  • Resource Roundup: Sites for Finding Heirlooms
  • Photo Detective
  • Family History Home: Preserving Shoes and Footware
  • Now What
  • DNA Q&A: What is Endogamy, and How Can I Overcome It?
  • Your Turn: Genealogy Research Planner

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