Webinar Recording: Become a Handwriting Expert in No Time

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Become a Handwriting Expert in No Time

Reading and understanding handwriting from years past is a key skill for genealogy research. It’s guaranteed that you’ll find documents with lettering that’s challenging to decipher.Join us for this webinar recording to learn essential tips and tricks for reading old handwriting. We’ll cover handwriting styles across several periods of time, what types of words to expect in certain records.


In this Webinar You’ll Learn:

  • An overview of handwriting styles and their time periods including Secretary Hand, Copperplate/Roundhand, Spencerian, and Palmer
  • How to identify types of documents and what specific words to expect
  • Tips and techniques used by professionals

About the instructor:


Colleen Aaronson-Stutz is a professional genealogist with a degree in Family History Research and an Accreditation® in Midwest Research through ICAPGen. She has been researching genealogy for over 25 years. She has taught genealogy seminars, worked as a professional researcher, and taught family history classes at BYU-I. Currently Colleen is a Family History Coach, working alongside clients to find genealogy answers together. She has solved many adoption cases and loves helping clients break down brick walls. Learn more at colleenstutz.com. Colleen has 6 children, 2 dogs, and lives in Utah with her husband.

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