Preserve Your Family History in the New Year

By Family Tree Editors

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In this episode, our host Lisa Louise Cooke and her guests discuss what archival supplies you need to safely protect and preserve your family history. Plus, editor Andrew Koch reviews the most significant genealogy news in 2021 and looks looks ahead to what’s new in 2022. Listen for all this and more, and set yourself up for genealogy success in the new year!

Ep. 156: December 2021

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In this episode:

Tree Talk (01:13)

It’s time to get ready for a new year of genealogy! Social Media Editor Rachel Christian shares her research goal-setting strategies.

Articles mentioned in this Interview:

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Free Research Planner and Question Log

The Best Social Media Accounts for Genealogy

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Featured Interview: The Archivist’s Gift Guide (06:40)

Family history comes in all shapes and sizes. If you have old documents, photos, quilts and other items in need of preservation, The Family Curator Denise May Levenick is here to help with her top 10 archival supplies.

You can find Denise’s article online, or in the November/December 2021 issue.

Preserve your family treasures with these archiving tips and tools every genealogist should have.
Denise Levenick
Denise May Levenick

DNA Deconstructed: What These DNA Groups Can and Can’t Tell You? (22:28)

Your DNA Guide Diahan Southard will be here to tell us What DNA groups can and can’t tell you about your family tree.

AncestryDNA Communities, MyHeritage Genetic Groups, and 23andMe Recent Ancestor Locations all assign your DNA to a time and place. Are they accurate?
Diahan Southard
Diahan Southard

Best Genealogy Websites: The National Archives (30:26)

The Archive Lady, Melissa Barker, helps us navigate the National Archives website in search of genealogical information.

Every genealogist should know their way around and how to find the records available at the National Archives.

Editor’s Desk: Genealogy Year in Review (40:07)

We wrap up the year with Family Tree Magazine editor Andrew Koch. He takes a look back at the highlights in the world of genealogy in 2021, and then looks forward to discuss what’s in store at the magazine in 2022.

Andrew Koch
Andrew Koch

Your Host: Lisa Louise Cooke

Listen to Lisa Louise Cooke’s Genealogy Gems Podcast in your favorite podcasting app or with the Genealogy Gems Podcast app in your app store, and visit her website for great research ideas, podcast episodes and videos.

Have fun climbing your family tree!

Lisa Louise Cooke
Lisa Louise Cooke