1950 Census Abbreviations Free Download

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As you review the 1950 census, you may find yourself wondering what certain abbreviations mean. You don’t want to skip over these, as they can reveal a lot about your ancestors’ education, employment, marital status, and more. Here’s a guide to help you interpret some of the most common abbreviations found in the 1950 census.

Q9: Race

Chi: Chinese
Fil: Filipino
Ind: American Indian
Jap: Japanese
Neg: Black
W: White

Q10: Sex

F: Female
M: Male

Q12: Marital Status

D: Divorced
Mar: Married
Nev: Never married (and/or under age 14) 
Sep: Separated(but not divorced)
Wd: Widowed

Q14: Naturalization Status 

AP: Child of American parents born abroad or at sea

Q15: Work Status in Past Week

H: Keeping house (i.e.,housework in one’s own home)
Ot: “Other,” including school attendance, temporary illness, or job vacation
U: Unable to work because of long-term illness or disability
Wk: Work for which you are paid or that supports a family business 

Q20c: Class of Worker 

G: Works for any branch of government, including civilian parts of the military
O: Works for own business, shop, etc.
NP: Works for no pay on a farm or business operated by another family member
P: Works for private employer

Q26: Highest School Level

C#: Year(s) of college/professional school completed (C1 for one year, C2 for two years, and soon)
S#: Grades of elementary/middle/high school completed (S1 for first grade, S2 for second, and so on through S12 for senior year of high school)

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