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DNA Test Results and Genetic Genealogy


DNA Match Cousin Relationship Chart

Follow the steps on this cousin chart to figure out what kind of cousins you are with a relative, including percentage of DNA matches and average shared centimorgans.


DNA Test Results

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Ethnicity Estimates

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Shared Matches and Genetic Genealogy

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Using DNA Tools and Features

Family Health History Books

The Practical Guide to the Genetic Family History by Robin L. Bennett and M.S. Bennett (John Wiley & Sons)

Past Imperfect: How Tracing Your Family Medical History Can Save Your Life by Carol Daus and Jeanne Homer (Santa Monica Press)

How Healthy Is Your Family Tree? A Complete Guide to Tracing Your Family’s Medical and Behavioral History by Carol Krause (Gale Group)

Genetic Connections: A Guide to Documenting Your Individual and Family Health History by Danette L. Nelson-Anderson and Cynthia V. Waters (Sonters Publishing)